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AppsCare Gstall program is a suite of market leading packages incorporating planning, provisioning, deployment, change management, training and support.

Give your Apps Deployment the Edge

Making the switch to a new communications platform is an important change for your organization, ensuring a smooth migration is essential.

Our Gstall programs are simply the best way to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud.

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Project Deployment Workshop (1-2 days)

  • Current and future infrastructure considerations
  • Data migration considerations
  • Mobile device strategy
  • Co-existence with existing mail and calendar
  • Single sign-on options
  • Create high level deployment design
  • Plan your deployment approach
  • Discuss company communication / training
  • Support planning

Our commitment to you

Our Gstall Deployment Workshop provides a strong base from which to start every custom delivery project across a spectrum of needs.

We were also one of the first providers to introduce Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialists (GACDS) to our deployment teams providing experienced professionals in several disciplines.

Migrating from Microsoft Exchange

Powerful migration of email, contacts and calendar data from on-premise and hosted Microsoft® Exchange to Google Apps, whether you have just a few or tens of thousands of users.

Migrating from Lotus Notes

Google Apps Migration for Lotus Notes is a Lotus Notes database that is deployed to one or more Lotus Notes servers and is used to migrate a businesses’ users and data to Google Apps for Business.

Google Apps Deployment Staging

Project plan breakdown structure:

  • Mail, contacts and calendar technical/infrastructure set up and test
  • Mobile device access set up and test
  • Migration preparation and dress rehearsal
  • User communication, training and support planning

Pilot Google Apps for Business:

  • Identify key audience groups for Pilot
  • Pilot - technical set up
  • Pilot go-live

Our commitment to you

Our attention to the back-end is complemented by our commitment to your front-end users. Intuitive pre-configured toolsets integrated into easy-to-use delivery tools dramatically reduce the time your users need to start using and benefiting from Google Apps for Business.

Managing change

AppsCare understands the importance of effective user education and change management to maximise project benefit.

Deployment Packages

AppsCare provide a range of Gstall deployment packages which can be tailored to your specific needs.

Go Live and Support

Technical Go Live

  • User communication for post Go Live and Go Live
  • Migration activities
  • Support portal
  • Support helpline
  • TAM assistance

Which Gstall package is right for you?

We appreciate that all companies are different. AppsCare use a range of deployment programmes to suite each organisation.

  • Gstall Essentials
  • Gstall Select
  • Gstall Premium


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Certified support for your organisation

Supporting over 2500 customers in over 30 countries around the world, you can rest assured your organisation is looked after by the people who know best.

Not all clouds are the same

Google have pushed technological boundaries for over 10 years, amassing one of the most advanced cloud infrastructures our planet has ever seen.