Google Scale

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Google have pushed technological boundaries for over 10 years and have amassed one of the most advanced cloud infrastructures this planet has ever seen.

Gone Google

From Google Search,, Google Maps, Google Earth, You Tube, Gmail and Google Apps, Google maintain worldwide availability and up-time that is unparalleled in the software world. They do all this with millions of users using the service and this is why three million businesses world wide have already … Gone Google.

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Google Scale

Google Scale

The world’s most advanced cloud infrastructure

Based on the empirical evidence of hundreds of millions of users, consumer intelligence is used to define which features would be useful to enterprise customers - this brings rapid pace innovation to Google Enterprise customers around the globe. This cannot be achieved with legacy on-premise software.

Capable of scaling to millions of users

Google have massive data centres filled with their own hardware that is efficient and cost effective. Google's infrastructure is designed from scratch to host a global Internet platform that is capable of scaling to millions of users while providing near constant up-time and frequent feature updates.

The web is the epicenter of innovation

Google's multi-tenant infrastructure is designed so they can push improvements to their entire customer base very quickly. Google can deliver new functionality at rapid pace as systems are able to distribute updates so efficiently. In 2009 alone, Google launched over 100 improvements, and customers had no need to manage upgrades or patches. In contrast, businesses with traditional servers only tend to update software every five to seven years due to long release cycles alongside the cost and complexity businesses face when implementing upgrades. 
Browser-based applications are another key ingredient in our recipe for rapid innovation. When Google launch new features in our web applications, users automatically get these improvements just by refreshing their browsers. Google’s mobile browser applications also get new features without software updates.

Google scale makes a cost effective solution

Finally, the enormity of Google’s infrastructure is intrinsically linked to the financial benefits of going Google. Costs can be absorbed which ultimately makes Google Apps for Business a cost effective solution in addition to the features and functionality which are unrivalled by competitors. Google run the largest cloud computing applications in the world; approximately 6 times larger than the nearest competitor.

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