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05 Aug Chromebox for Meetings launched in the UK

Google is making meeting face-to-face easier, and along with partners such as AppsCare, are revolutionising the way meetings work.

The most effective meetings are those where people are face to face. These meetings facilitate real-time collaboration, personal human contact and the opportunity to develop important exchange relationships. In an increasingly global economy where there is not always the ability to meet in person – video conferencing replicates the benefits of in-person meetings at reduced cost and time, whilst ensuring an efficient use of company resources to make faster business decisions.

Chromebox for Meetings

The question is, how is Chromebox for Meetings revolutionising how we work?

Instant meeting room. Chromebox for Meetings comes with a blazing-fast Intel Core i7-based Chromebox, a high-definition camera, a combined microphone and speaker unit and a remote control. Companies can set up an entire room in minutes and easily manage all meeting rooms from a web-based management console.

Simpler and faster meetings. Walk into the room, click the remote once and you’re instantly in the meeting. No more complex dial-in codes, passcodes or leader PINs. There’s no need for any cords or adaptors either, you can share your laptop screen and present your ideas. Integration with Google Apps makes it easy to invite others and add rooms to video meetings, directly from Google Calendar.

Meetings with anyone, anywhere. Up to 15 participants can join the video meeting from other conference rooms, their laptops, tablets or smartphones. Need to meet with someone who doesn’t use Chromebox for meetings? That’s easy too – all they need is a Gmail account. Individuals can also connect to rooms that have traditional video conferencing systems using a new tool from Vidyo, and participants who prefer phones can join your meeting with a conference call number from UberConference.

Any company can upgrade their office and meeting rooms with a Google Chromebox for Meetings, built on the Chrome principles of speed, simplicity and security to work efficiently and effectively across distance. Large organisations in the UK are already seeing the value in utilising Chromebox for Meetings, such as AppsCare customers, Just Eat and Odeon.

Claire Stead
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