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29 Sep 17% of employees are more satisfied with their workplace culture when given access to digital collaboration tools

Research proves that the tools your employees use at work really can affect their happiness.

According to a study by Deloitte Digital Collaboration: Delivering innovation, productivity and happiness, technology has a crucial role to play in enabling organisations to create an environment that supports the goals of their employees, which is to work in an environment with a good workplace culture, as research suggests that employees are up to 20% more satisfied when they have access to tools that allow them to share documents, collaborate with teams and communicate more effectively.

Exposure to rich, engaging collaboration tools in their personal lives have opened up employees eyes to the possibility of the innovative tools they could be using in the workplace. The research highlights that 22% of employees are more likely to believe their employers care about their morale when having access to tools that help them to work in a more productive way, therefore highlighting the relationship between innovation and culture.

When employees were asked the contributing factors to their satisfaction at work, workplace culture, ability to work remotely or from home, feeling valued, and working relationship with colleagues all ranked highly. Collaboration tools that employers can deploy, such as Google Apps for Work, with features including video meetings, document co-creation, team collaboration and sharing, help employers to achieve these satisfaction goals for their employees.

Google recently shared this infographic showing employee satisfaction factors and levels, along with highlighting their own internal usage at Google, showing the increased amount of people who use these tools once they are made available to them.

Digital Collaboration: Work happy

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Claire Stead
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