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05 Sep “96% of enterprise businesses feeling the pressure of digital transformation” – Econsultancy 2014

“It’s a worrying statistic that reveals the importance of having the right support and structure in place before an effective shift to digital can truly take place. Often it’s necessary for organisations to rebuild themselves from the inside out, a structural challenge that may be expensive and made all the more difficult if your teams are ardently siloed from one another.”

A recent report from Econsultancy analysed how global enterprises are remaking themselves to deal with the modern, always-on and mobile shopper. In Econsultancy’s own words, the report “explores the challenges that large companies face in being responsive, efficient and innovative.”

This article from Econsultancy addresses the need to have organisational buy in from several departments to make digital transformation a success, and highlights the importance of an inside out approach. Organisations across the globe are considering how they can digitalise their operations, and enable their workforce and consumers with mobile technology, but what needs to be understood is that for a company to undergo a digital transformation, they need to challenge and change the mentality of every single employee, to work in a way that is more efficient and driven by data and technology.

As soon as your employees leave work, they become someone else’s digital consumer; shopping online, tweeting about TV shows and using their mobile to locate somewhere for dinner. It is vital that you take your employees experience into consideration, as this can give you valuable insight into the way people want to consume information. To truly become a digital first organisation, your whole IT infrastructure needs to come into consideration, to ensure you are truly delivering one best digital experience, giving employees and consumers the same opportunity to embrace digital technologies and change the way they live and work.

In the short video below, All Saints describe how they transformed their retail operations by thinking from the inside out, and transforming the way their whole workforce operated.

By giving your employees the tools that they need to find information, fast, it instantly improves the experience for your consumer, and creates a happier and more productive workforce. Google for Work provides the tools that are empowering organisations to make dramatic changes, with the ability to access crucial information from any device equipped with an email address and internet connection. By empowering your employees, this instantly has a positive affect on your consumers, and when you achieve the same success in delivering a digital experience to your consumers as your employees, this is when you have truly achieved a digital transformation.

If you want to speak to a Google for Work representative about how we can help you to drive innovation and digital transformation, please get in touch.

You can read the full article from Econsultancy and access the report here.

Claire Stead
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