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20 Oct Moving to the cloud is a fast way to accelerate business growth without crippling costs

A recent report by Raconteur takes a look at what it takes to be an Agile Business. Here, we round up some of our key takeaways from the report.

Charles Orton-Jones, contributor to the report, takes a look at evolution in comparison to agile business. Throughout evolution, different species have had to adapt to their environment in order to survive. This is very much the same nature that businesses should adopt when looking to become more agile, in that they should identify their key strengths and capabilities, and focus on developing these and growing them to help the business thrive. Many companies who fail to be agile are those who don’t spot opportunities and who are averse to change, and therefore fail to grow and develop.

The report by Raconteur highlights the need for agile people and agile partnerships, in order to become an agile business. In an independent survey conducted by Coleman Parker research, 77% of senior business process outsourcing clients expected their outsourcing partner would help them to adapt to changing industry dynamics, however it was identified that although the partnership will be beneficial and help the company to become more flexible, it requires people from within an organisation to be dedicated to using the service and delivering the ideas to make it a success. This is at the core of our processes at AppsCare, ensuring that when an organisation is committed to a partnership and a decision to deliver change and become more agile, there must be key people from within the organisation that are dedicated to drive change forward and deliver the new messages throughout the organisation.

If there is one single thing which fast-growing firms have in common it is the use of cloud services.

Cloud services are highlighted in the report as being key to fast-growth and agile business. Charles Orton-Jones reports that “cloud services mean you can grow at unlimited speed. You can cut costs, access super-computing, allow workers to work anywhere… the list goes on.” By freeing up workers to concentrate on what really matters, a business can stay nimble.

When looking at a methodology of how to become an agile business, Dan Matthews explains that it’s all about becoming adaptive. Consider likely scenarios, and think how you will respond to them. Organisations should be built around the premise that they need to react quickly when the future arrives. Unfortunately, research suggests that for 62% of UK corporates, it is almost impossible to get support to develop and test new ideas, and that a rigid organisational structure is hampering innovation.

Is your organisation struggling with becoming agile? Take a look at the key benefits of organisational agility:

  • Faster response to changing market conditions
  • Improved organisational efficiency
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • More profitable business results
  • Faster completion of projects


If you want to begin an agile partnership, using cloud services to boost your organisational agility, contact AppsCare today on +44 (0) 845 053 1550 or email

To view and download the full report from Raconteur, click here.

Claire Stead
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