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15 Jan Add an image into frozen sections on Google Sheets

How to add an image into the frozen section on Google Sheets: Announced this week, Google have now added the functionality to be able to add an image into frozen rows or columns in Google Sheets, to help smarten up your documents. Here’s our easy steps to get started. 

Firstly, you will want to freeze your selected column or rows, if you haven’t done already. These sections can either contain data or be blank, in this instance we have left blank. Head to ‘View’ on the menu and choose to either freeze rows or freeze columns. In this example we are freezing 4 rows to create a header area.

Google Apps Tips: Google Sheets Freeze Rows

If you are wanting to do the same and create a header area for your page, then you might also want to change the borders in this area to white, to get a flat colour with no gridlines. To do this, you need to highlight the selected area, then click on the borders button as shown below, change the colour to white and select ‘All borders’.

Google Apps Tips: Google Sheets Grid Colour

Now time to add your image. Make sure your cursor has a cell selected within the frozen section where you would like your image to be placed, as there is not much freedom for moving the image once placed. To add your image, click ‘Insert’ and scroll down to ‘Image…’

Google Apps Tips: Google Sheets Insert Image

You can choose an image to upload or insert an image via Google Drive. Resize your image as required once placed to achieve the desired look.

Google Apps Tips: Google Sheets Image in Frozen Sections

Once you have inserted your image, you can replace or delete it. Select the image and click on the drop down arrow in the top right hand corner of the image box, and select from one of the options.

Google Apps Tips: Google Sheets Reset Image


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