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26 Feb Adding calendars to Google Calendar

Adding calendars to Google Calendar: Whether you need to be able to see other colleagues calendars or add public holidays, here is a quick and simple way to add other calendars to your Google Calendar view.

When in your Google Calendar, look down the left hand side and you will see a section called ‘Other Calendars’. Beneath this will be a list of any calendars you may have already added. If you’re new to this and need to get started, you can type a colleagues name into the ‘Add a colleagues calendar’ box, and they will appear on your calendar view. You can also add a contact by clicking on the right hand side arrow.

Google Apps Tips: Add calendars to Google Calendar

The key thing we want to focus on is how you can browse for other calendars that may be of interest for you to have access to in your Google Calendar. To do this, click on ‘Browse Interesting Calendars’.┬áHere you will find an extensive list of holidays you can add.

Google Apps Tips: Add calendars to Google Calendar

You can also flick through the tabs at the top, to finding sporting events and ‘More’. If you click into More, you will also see a variety of other options.

Google Apps Tips: Google Calendar

We’ve decided we want to add Week Numbers to our Google Calendar, so after Previewing it we’re going to click on Subscribe. You can now click ‘Back to Calendar’ and the changes will be added.

Google Apps Tips: Google Calendar

You will now see that every Monday, there is a number added for the week. If at any time, you want to remove the calendar from view, you can do so by just clicking the coloured checkbox next to the calendar name, and this will remove the calendar until you decide to display it again. You can also click on the right hand side drop down arrow to edit the settings, and to delete the calendar from view all together.

Google Apps Tips: Google Calendar Settings



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