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26 Mar How to enable speedy meetings

How to enable speedy meetings: Encourage meeting efficiency and get to your next meeting on time with speedy meetings. 30 minute meetings end 5 minutes early, and 1 hour meetings end 10 minutes early. 

Speedy meetings help to make sure your meetings end on time when you regularly book appointments back to back. Follow these simple tips to edit your default event duration and to enable speedy meetings.

First of all, head up to the Settings cog at the top right hand corner of your Google Calendar screen.

Google Apps Tips: Google Calendar

Scroll down to the ‘Settings’ option.

Google Apps Tips: Calendar Settings

You will now see your Calendar settings screen. The area you want to pay attention to is ‘Default event duration’. Here, you can change the default duration that any calendar event will be entered as when creating a new event. I have mine set to 30 minutes.

Google Apps Tips: Calendar Settings

You will see there is also an option to enable Speedy Meetings. If you tick this box, it will now adjust all meetings to finish early, to allow you to get to your next meeting on time. If your default event duration is 30 minutes, like mine, your event will automatically finish 5 minutes early, or if your default event is 1 hour, your event will finish 1o minutes early, and so on…

Google Apps Tips: Speedy Meetings

Once you have made this change, head up to the top left hand corner of the Calendar settings screen, and click Save. You can now select ‘Back to calendar’ to start creating your new speedy meetings. You will now see when you try to create a new event in your Google Calendar, that the event will update to a speedy meeting.

Google Apps Tips: Google Calendar event



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Claire Stead
    Danny Attias
    Posted at 09:28h, 18 November Reply

    Is it possible to set this at an enterprise level or is it an individual user setting only?

      Crea ONeill
      Posted at 12:43h, 26 November Reply

      Hi Danny,

      This is possible at an individual setting only. I hope this helps!


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