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06 Mar Why Just Eat Director of ICT is running a continuous Google Hangout for the next year

Last week, Martin Russell, Director of ICT at online takeaway aggregate, Just Eat, came to us with an interesting use case about how he is using Google Hangouts and Chromebox for Meetings. Just Eat have been using Google Apps for Work for around two years now, and have always been at the forefront of innovative ideas and advancing technologies. When Chromebox for Meetings were launched, Just Eat were keen to implement these in their workplace to transform their meeting rooms, in sync with how Google Hangouts have transformed their meetings.

Recently, Martin decided to setup one of the Chromebox for Meetings in his office, and here he explains why.

“Having always run an ‘open door policy’, I thought why not extend this to my hangout.¬†With this in mind I created a year long, all day event – set to free – in my calendar and invited my whole team. Now much like walking past my office and popping in to say hello, or having those quick impromptu discussions about a subject, you can also do this via hangout. There is no need to organise a calendar appointment or ring me and wait for an answer, just simply jump in and say hello.”

Just Eat Chromebox for Meetings

Martin explains how he overcomes the obvious issues to be raised around privacy. “Using the remote control it is very simple for me to exit the call when I need that private time, and then jump back in when my physical door and hangout door is reopened.”

As for initial feedback that Martin has received, his team seem happy with the idea.¬†“This has gone down really well with the team, especially those that work on other sites around the world.”

Claire Stead
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