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16 Mar What you need to know about Nearline Storage from Google

On Wednesday 11th March, Google announced the launch of Nearline Storage, a near-online data storage platform, at an offline price. 

Nearline Storage, in Google’s own words, is “a simple, low-cost, fast-response storage service with quick data backup, retrieval and access. Nearline enables you to easily backup and store limitless amounts of data at a very low cost and access it at any time in a matter of seconds.” Designed to work alongside or even to replace offline data storage, Nearline stores all your organisation’s data archives on Google’s Cloud Platform, with a response time of less than 3 seconds – much faster than any other service providers offering a similar solution.


Cloud Platform


If you are considering moving your data archives online, or need a solution that is off-premise, then Nearline could be the answer. Ideal for infrequently accessed data that needs to be saved due to legal or regulatory reasons, or for disaster recovery, the benefits of Nearline include:

  • Speed: Nearline gives you the ability to have all your data immediately available, unlike offline storage. Unlike any competitors offering an online solution, Nearline enables ~3 second response times for data retrieval
  • Cost: Nearline storage is extremely low at only $0.01 per GB for data at rest
  • Simple: Built on Google’s reliable and easy to use Cloud Storage platform


Nearline offers an alternative to offline or on-premise data backup, that is safe, secure and available, but without the costs of the alternative, real-time online storage solutions. Nearline can be a cost-effective replacement for SAN storage, and is scalable, with limitless storage, built on Google’s Cloud Storage Platform.

Currently in Beta, Nearline is new to the market, but we’re interested to hear your opinions and first thoughts on the service.


Claire Stead
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