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19 Mar How to scan files to Google Drive using your Android device

How to scan files to Google Drive using your Android device: This handy tip shows you how you can upload images to Google Drive via the scan feature on your Android device. 

To get started, if you know the specific file you want to add the scanned images to, go straight to the Google Drive file on your Android device. I find this feature works really well for expenses, when you need to scan in receipts, as it saves a lot of time and paperwork, and keeps a backup of everything on Google Drive.

Google Apps Tips: Google Drive on Android


To open up the scan feature, and start uploading images, click on the red plus button that you can see above in the bottom right hand corner. This will then bring up a menu with options that include add a new folder, upload and scan.

Google Apps Tips: Scan to Drive


Once you click on scan, your phone will switch on your camera which will allow you to capture an image of your receipt, document or other file. Once this has been captured, you will be able to see a preview of your image and you will then have the option to approve, reject or retake the image. Below, you can see a train ticket which has been scanned to add to my expenses folder.



Once accepted, your file will be uploaded to your Google Drive folder, and you can then continue to upload or scan additional files.


Google Apps Tips: Google Drive upload



Thanks for checking out this week’s Google Apps tip, for more of the same you can visit our Google Apps Tips blog, where we will add a new tip every week.

Claire Stead
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