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16 Apr Using URL Search in Google Docs

Using URL Search in Google Docs: Adding hyperlinks is nothing new, however when using Google Docs you can utilise the power of Google Search to find and add any hyperlinks you need. 

To get started, open up your Google Docs and the document you want to edit. If you already know the text that you want to be hyperlinked in your document, highlight it and head to the hyperlink icon on the toolbar.

Insert link

The hyperlink toolbar will open in your document. Based on the highlighted text, Google will automatically generate suggested links for you. Here, you can also paste a pre-copied link.

Google URL Search

For this example, I decided I don’t want to link our company name to our website – instead I want it to link to our Twitter page.  So in the Link search bar, I type in ‘appscare twitter’ as my search criteria.

Google URL Search - Twitter link

Google now retrieves from it’s search engine links to our Twitter page. The top result looks good to me, so I click on this and hit apply. As you can see below, my text is now hyperlinked with the link I selected.

Google Docs hyperlinked

You can also add a link that isn’t hyperlinked to any existing text. I want to add a link to our website below this copy, so with my cursor in place for where I want to add the link, I head back up to the hyperlink icon and click Insert Link. Again the hyperlink toolbar opens.

Google URL Search in Google Docs

You will see the Text and Link boxes are both currently empty. In the link bar, I type ‘appscare’ to see what search results it can pull in for me.

Google Docs URL Search

The top search result looks good to me, so I click on this. It will automatically add the title of the website as the hyperlinked text, which I decide is ok, however you can change this by editing the information in the Text bar. Hit apply once you’re happy.

Google Docs Hyperlink

As you can see, my new hyperlink has been added. This is a great tool to use when adding links from the web, as it’s easy to find and insert the links you’re looking for.


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Claire Stead
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