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04 Jun Using the new Google Hangouts app in Chrome

Using the new Google Hangouts app in Chrome: Download the new Google Hangouts app to make it easier to manage your Google Hangouts chats, including how to group people and other settings. 

To get started, visit the Google Chrome webstore via the following link: Search for Hangouts, and you want to select the top option shown here. Select +Add to Chrome.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 09.51.00

You will be prompted to confirm adding the Google Hangouts app – just click Add.


The Hangouts app will now open in a new window, as you can see below. To start a new conversation or group conversation, just click the green + button.


Type people’s names, or select from a drop down list of who you want to start a conversation with. I’m going to put a group together, to show you how you can name the group for easy access in the future when you want to talk to the same people.


Once you’ve selected all your participants, click Message. When the message window opens, you can then click on the expanding menu via the three dots on the right hand side. Scroll down and select Options.


You will see that for this particular group, you can edit the notifications and history settings, and you can also name the Hangout. I’m going to rename this Hangout to Tech Team, and click save.


You can now see my new Google Hangouts conversation for Tech team below.


You can also edit additional settings via the fly out menu on the left hand side next to your profile picture.


Don’t forget, for more handy tips for running Google Hangouts, you can also visit which will troubleshoot any problems with your microphone, camera and connectivity.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 10.33.32


For more handy tips and tricks when using Google Apps, visit our Google Apps Tip blog weekly for new updates!

Claire Stead
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