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Netpremacy’s successful visit to Google Next 2018

18 Oct Netpremacy’s successful visit to Google Next 2018

The netpremacy team at google next london

This year, Netpremacy was one of the premier sponsors at Google NEXT London! With a central exhibition stand and many team members on hand to provide expert information on our cutting-edge Cloud services. It’s safe to say we relished every second of it, attending a series of insightful keynotes, break-out sessions, and product discussions.  With so many new team members and technologies, we seized the opportunity to demonstrate our skills and expand our knowledge.

Netpremacy football table google next 2018

(We also brought along a Foosball table – as any Netpremacy stand wouldn’t be complete without one – giving people a taste of what it’s like to work with us.)

Jamboard at Netpremacy Google Next stand Netpremacy demonstrating Google Jamboard

Our stand featured a Jamboard, which was very kindly loaned to us by our associates at Ben Q who joined us at the event. They were on hand to run demos and illustrate the powerful collaboration tools that come with Jamboards.

Our technical engineers provided lots of useful information and demos on everything from vision API to Terraform and Istio. But a highlight was definitely our keynote delivered by Andrew Martin, the Sales Director at Netpremacy, alongside Matt Cresswell, Head of Engineering at Just Eat. Together, they explained how the power of Google’s platform and the expert customer success services we provide have been key in Just Eat’s Google journey with Netpremacy.

Netpremacy and Just Eat at Google Next

Attending Google Next gave us the opportunity to speak to people about hyper-cloud capabilities and how we can help companies with our advanced service solutions. It also allowed several members of the team to sit in on valuable G Suite and Google Cloud Platform talks. Below are some of the keynotes we attended with a brief description of what they entailed:

Migrating On-Premises Hadoop Infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform: A very helpful keynote for companies that are looking at migrating their On-prem Hadoop Cluster into the Google Cloud. There was a lot of interesting information provided on the separation of computation and storage.

Flexible, Easy Data Pipelines on Google Cloud with Cloud Composer: This keynote was interesting from a Data perspective. This tool allows you to integrate other services and create a Data Pipeline. Built on Apache Airflow, it helps you to create a workflow.

Rethinking Big Data: Moving from Complex Analytics to Actionable Insights with Google Cloud, this keynote explained how King and Sky have solved complex Big Data problems with Google Cloud Platform.

Women of Cloud: Thriving in tech: This keynote was based on women from different senior positions of Google, speaking about their experiences, challenges, and successes when moving up the ladder in a technology company. It was interesting to hear the different paths and journeys each person had gone through in order to get into a senior position.

There were several more sessions that we attended, including CloudSpanner, Cloud DataFlow, and Security for GKE, but one of the most thought-provoking sessions was based on how Machine Learning and GCP have played a significant role in the scientific community, from research on Zika Virus, to simulation of Brain, to further understanding of microbes.

As Google’s Cloud services and partnerships continue to grow, so do we. We are currently recruiting for some like-minded individuals who have a passion and enthusiasm for a Cloud-based way of working. You can view our current positions and apply here.

If you spoke to us at Google Next and have any further questions, please feel free to contact us, and our team will be more than happy to help.

Blog origionally taken from Netpremacy.'
Bryonie Brignall
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