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Google Drive – Available as a stand alone platform

04 Dec Google Drive – Available as a stand alone platform

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Google Drive is now available as a stand-alone platform

Enterprise content management without the full G Suite.

Google has launched a standalone version of Google Drive for businesses that don’t want to purchase the full G Suite. This flexible and low-risk platform gives users access to Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites, Forms, Security Centre and Cloud Identity.


What is Google Drive Enterprise?

Most of us know what Google Drive is – a place in the cloud to securely store all of your files, enabling you to share across the cloud with collaborators etc. Most people think of Google Drive as something that comes as part of the package when you move to G Suite. However, it is now possible to migrate your files to Google Drive without having to move your entire infrastructure to G Suite.


This standalone version of Google Drive is something that has been requested by many people. There will also always be the option to upgrade to G Suite later down the line if wanted. The standalone Google Drive option will come with all of the usual online storage and sharing features that the full G Suite version offers.


How does Google Drive Enterprise work?

By moving to the Google Drive enterprise platform, companies are improving their teamwork and productivity instantly. Google Drive’s security, artificial intelligence, and real-time collaboration make Drive a perfect fit for almost any business. It’s easy to migrate to, and it works with existing third-party tools such as Microsoft Office.


Google Drive Enterprise enables you to open over 60 file types, right from the web or app. This shows you who is actively editing files to help stop document conflicts and version overrides.


Productivity is enhanced with Google Drive as features such as Quick Access cuts time that is spent searching for files down by around 50% . This enables users to make the most of their time. Keep your company up to date by using a modern content management platform ensures that employees have access to content anywhere with cloud-based storage. This will prevent your company data from being compromised or lost.


So, what makes Google Drive Enterprise different?

  1. It’s attainable and scalable pricing and packaging
  2. It is designed for easy adoption
  3. Google Drive keeps content and teamwork flowing smoothly
  4. Uses intelligence to keep workers informed and focuses
  5. Comes with enterprise-grade security and reliability


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You can also find out more about Google Drive Enterprise here.'
Bryonie Brignall
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