AppsCare | Rivo Software use Geo-Mapping to monitor Incidents
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Rivo Software use Geo-Mapping in their Incident Management Software

About This Project

Rivo is an enterprise cloud software vendor providing corporate safety, security and sustainability solutions that can be managed by any employee from any device 24/7. Founded in 2003, Rivo has evolved into a global solutions provider, with offices in Warwick, London, Connecticut, Sydney, Singapore and Romania.


Rivo’s Product team had a clear vision of the enhanced functionality they wanted to make available within Rivo’s market leading platform, and identified specific solution areas where the ability to enable users to use geo-maps would be most beneficial to reducing risk for their customers operations. Incident Reporting Management is a focus for many Rivo customers and adding a geo-mapping capability would allow customers to report incidents on a live geo-map from anywhere in the world, allowing trending and analysis by geography, and providing users with instant and live visibility of global incidents. These included, for example, utilities companies maintaining services on public highways, logistic companies recording vehicle security incidents and incident locations on railways or underground transportation.


Rivo’s Product team selected Google Maps for Work after an extensive review of the API capabilities and Google Maps functionality. After a thorough evaluation of all options available on the market, it was identified that Google Maps not only offered a competitive pricing but also surpassed competitor GIS mapping systems, and met the needs of Rivo’s customers, being the most recognised and easy to use mapping tool available. Thanks to Rivo’s interoperability alongside Google’s intuitive API, Rivo were able to integrate Google Maps for Work into its cloud based SaaS enterprise solution within the timeframe of a quarterly major release cycle.


Rivo Geo-Mapping allows users to automatically or manually pinpoint the exact location of any type of incident which then becomes immediately visible to anyone using Rivo within an organisation. Organisations with large or multiple operational sites or areas in multiple geographies globally can obtain a clear picture of incidents as they are reported from any employee or third party device, regardless of location. Using a live real-time representation of the geographical locations of incidents and events (near-misses, occurrences, observations and complaints), users can see where incidents and events are occurring based on their category and classifications. Geo-Mapping enables organisations to analyse activity by combining risk data (such as incidents, near miss events or hazards identified from audits) with satellite and other map layers to drive organisational decision making. Providing geo-mapping capability into the Rivo enterprise risk management software platform equips organisations with a highly intuitive yet powerful tool for real time operational management and data trending for faster and more informed decision making.


Google Maps for Work for Rivo Software


Rivo Geo-Mapping is available as standard functionality to all Rivo platform clients and their users – currently amounting to over 200,000 users across the globe, including organisations such as Siemens, BP, Chevron, Vodafone, Clorox, LinkedIn, Yodel, Teva & TJX Group. Current project success is being measured based on client feedback. The main items that are consistently mentioned were the users’ satisfaction with the ease of use and straightforwardness of the functionality, as well as the visualisation. Users of the Incident Management system have already requested the expansion of the functionality to other platform solution layers.


James Jameson, Vice President Product Strategy, comments on the success of integrating Google Maps for Work. “The integration of Google Maps into Rivo’s platform has provided Rivo’s customers with an easy to use interface for a business critical process [Incident Management]. Our ambition is to use technology to make enterprise risk management more accessible and standardised across any organization, so customers have a better chance at managing risk, improving safety, security and being more sustainable. Google Maps is a perfect integration, as people know how to use it already, so it makes using Rivo to report and understand incidents much more intuitive and easy than other Incident Management solutions on the market. Rivo continually strives to create added value and as such Rivo Geo-Mapping is part of our ongoing enhancement strategy to continue to add value for our customers through our innovative roadmap. We’re looking forward to rolling it out over the entire platform which will be ready for market by January.”


In the future, the functionality will be extended across the entire Rivo platform, for Actions/CAPAs, Inspections, Audits, Hazards, Risks, Permits, Legal & Regulatory Obligations, Training Compliance and Policy Management.


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