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Sofology’s Secrets Of Innovation: Empowering Its Employees.

About This Project


Sofology’s Secrets Of Innovation: Empowering Its Employees


Jason Tyldesley, Chief Executive Officer of Sofology, speaks about his experience of the roll-out of Google plus and G Suite.


Company background

Sofology is one of the UK’s largest distributors of household furniture. With a history spanning 40 years, 1100 employees and multiple retail sites. The family-owned furniture chain has built its business around delivering an immersive and exceptional customer experience both in-store and online.



Sofology needed a platform to engage with 1100 unconnected and dispersed employees.

Sofology were looking for a social network intranet where they could share and collaborate. Sofology researched the market place and identified Google Plus for their business needs. Google Plus provides a simple way to achieve everything that Sofology wanted, including creating communities between stores, sharing information across the UK and providing feedback to Head office.


Sofology contacted Google who recommended Premier Partner Netpremacy to complete the roll out.  “Fast, friendly and comprehensive support from Netpremacy means all the advice we need is always on-hand’ comments Jason ‘we rolled out to 1100 staff in under 2 weeks”.


Roll out Google Plus


Netpremacy identified exactly how and where they could step in with custom training solutions. To do this, they helped the Sofology project team identify key use cases for Google Plus to ensure that the project and communications were aligned accordingly.


An elevator pitch was then put together and delivered with these identified areas. This highlighted how they could use Google Plus to provide employees with their own digital identity – “connecting the unconnected” was a key focus here. This program would include members of staff that often remain disconnected from a company digitally such as shop floor staff, drivers, warehouse staff etc. With this in place, communication improved dramatically and allowed company leaders including the CEO to communicate first hand with their staff and visa-versa.


Using Google Plus together meant that workers and employers could freely share ideas and make themselves heard through this platform; it was also a central page for company-wide announcements.


With regards to change management, Netpremacy provided a suite of instructional and effective training materials, in order for a smooth transition and optimum product adoption. Their change methodology proved essential in making the adoption of Google Plus completely effortless.

Results and testimony from Jason Tyldesley CEO


Google Plus unifies Sofology’s organization – A single place for organization-wide news & information. The go-to place to find people & recognise their contributions. We have a closed community that allows all staff to access and it’s where all of our discussions happen.


“It’s the place we ask questions among the panel, plan meetings and keep in touch” –  Jason Tyldesley CEO.

Elegant & work relevant – Easy for staff to use. Work-relevant social tools make it easy for staff to find help, share ideas and participate via comments, likes, chats and forums. Publish to the entire organization or target a specific location, division or job type.

Power of Engagement where staff ask questions directly to the company’s top leaders including CEO and other execs about any number of company issues. This allows Jason to communicate with staff directly with first time information. The platform also empowers, which it always difficult to achieve.

Training anytime at anywhere  – Most questions are answered on Google plus, staff can train themselves from anywhere and at anytime. Normal training methods can be intensive, and is not always the best way to deliver the messages we want to get across to staff. Google plus allows us to drip feed training which will be a more smooth and effective process.

Saved on-site training costs Google plus reduces training costs. We use Google plus to train new staff for secondary sessions so they don’t need to go to HQ at Golborne which saved money, reduced travel time and was far more effective. Google plus makes it easier for everyone to enjoy the benefits of training.

“Google plus provided us with the most cost effective yet powerful platform to grow our business” Jason says.


What’s next? To the Cloud!


“Our initial goal was to launch Google Plus, but, as we started going through the capabilities of G Suite, Netpremacy showed us that there was much more we could take advantage of.” Jason says. It was only a matter of weeks before Sofology were fully onboard and decided to roll out G Suite as well. Sofology has gone Google – now they couldn’t imagine it another way!


If you want to find out how Google Plus and G Suite can work for your business, please get in touch.

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