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Take a closer look at Google Apps for Work including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Hangouts, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and more.
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Bring the ease and reliability of Gmail to work

Using a powerful email platform that is used by millions of people every day, Gmail brings the perfect combination of form and functionality to your business domain. With professional email addresses for your organisation, Gmail for Business includes integration with other Google Apps and includes instant messaging and video calling. With 99.9% uptime, 24/7 support and a generous 30GB storage, there are plenty of great business features too.


Google Hangouts

Conduct productive meetings in HD video

Meet customers, suppliers and co-workers face to face via Google Hangouts. Save time and become more efficient by conducting meetings that allow you to host up to 15 people at a time, with the options to use the built in screen share feature and send instant messages. Join a Hangout from your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, and join a video call direct from the calendar invite.


Google Calendar

Use a calendar that is designed for team work

Google Calendar is designed to work around you and your teams. Create events, check the diaries of co-workers, and start Google Hangouts right from inside a calendar event. With colour coding to separate your own calendar with those of your colleagues, find information quickly and keep track of your meetings on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. 


Google Drive

Store files with ease and share with your teams

With 30GB of storage, you can save all your precious files to one secure location. Work offline, sync files with your desktop and find files with the power of Google Search. Collaborate and share files with your teams, and open up to 40 popular file formats. Access Google Drive from your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet, and instantly work on files. 


Google Docs

Word processor built with team work in mind

Manage all your work in one place – your browser. Create documents which you can share with teams, collaborate on together in real-time, and with chat features built in. Work on documents on the go, from any device, with changes instantly saved to your Google Drive, with the option to restore revision history. Import documents from other popular file formats, and make them editable in Docs.


Google Sheets

Spreadsheets made simple, with powerful add-ons

Whether creating budgets or analysing data, Sheets make performing calculations simple. Instantly update your Sheet with the latest information while on the go, with the ability to work from any device. With powerful add-ons that create richer formatting and easy to use tools, you can also use alongside Forms to gather information and perform surveys or questionnaires.


Google Slides

Build presentations as a team

Save time and increase productivity by working on the same presentation as your team members, at the same time. With built-in real time collaboration, watch your co-workers content appear on their slides while you work on your own. Comment and chat with each other in Slides, all from your browser, and on any device. 


Google Sites

Create websites for your project without any coding

Have the freedom to create simple websites without a single line of code. Google Sites make building intranets, project sites or customer portals, easy. While the intuitive editor makes adding content a breeze, sharing controls keep data safe and Google powered search make finding content across the Sites a walk in the park. Run your Google Sites on your own domain or buy a new one, and share with whoever you want to view it.


Google Apps Admin

Manage your organisations Google Apps accounts

With a centralised admin console, setup and management of your accounts is easy. Set permissions, such as 2-step verification for increased security, or use device management to keep data secure on employees mobile devices. Easily update security settings for the whole organisation, and grant administrative permissions to other users. With 24/7 support from Google, the Admin console has got you covered.


Google Vault

Archiving tool for email and chats

Keep a permanent record of email and on-record chat history with Vault. By using Vault to archive data, you can rest assured that even information deleted from your inbox will be archived, with unlimited storage. Using the power of Google search, you will instantly be able to retrieve archived content, even from closed accounts. You can also track user activity with audit reports documenting searches, views, exports and more.

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