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AppsCare is a Google for Work Premier Partner in the UK and specialises in the deployment of Google Apps for Work, Google Drive for Work, Google for Education, Google Maps for Work, Chrome Devices for Work and Google Search.
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Powering Cloud IT



BetterCloud provides critical insights, automated management, and intelligent data security for cloud office platforms.



By leveraging open APIs, BetterCloud securely connects with your data at its source, providing maximum control without requiring any cumbersome setup. Offering solutions for both Google Apps and Office 365, BetterCloud is trusted by IT teams in over 50,000 organisations worldwide.



Enables your organisation to fully leverage the entire Google Apps suite, with the visibility and control you require.

  • Gain resources and confidence to deploy the entire suite

  • Improve operational efficiency within IT and security teams



Work with our Google Apps Admin and Deployment Certified Customer Care Team to deploy BetterCloud and learn how you can leverage this powerful tool. If you’d like to test it out for yourself, you can install BetterCloud for free from the Google Apps Marketplace.

Here are some of BetterCloud’s powerful functionalities:

FlashPanel for Google Apps

Domain Health and Insight Centre


With BetterCloud’s intelligent dashboard, Domain Health and Insight Centre®, proactively surface the information most important to your organisation every time you log in to BetterCloud. That information could be critical security risks, performance optimisations, or simply helpful tips and best practices if you’ve already addressed any risks.

Robust Security and Compliance Tools


BetterCloud’s Drive Explorer lets you browse your entire organisation’s Google Drive files, enabling you to filter by 9 different dimensions to uncover sensitive documents that might be shared publicly, or employees that have been sharing improperly (such as “anyone w/ the link” when it’s not necessary) and might need more training.

FlashPanel for Google Apps
FlashPanel for Google Apps

Full Control over Email Settings and Signatures


With BetterCloud’s email signature tool, you can create templated signatures for your entire organization (or different signatures for different groups). BetterCloud pulls information from the Google Apps Directory, so you know everything is up-to-date. If you have a certain promotion or award you’d like to feature in employee email signatures, it’s easy to do via BetterCloud and you don’t have to bother users.

Bulk Functions for Making Directory Updates


For larger organisations, it can be tedious to update directory information via the Google Apps Admin Console. Not only does BetterCloud make every user profile field editable via a convenient Google Spreadsheet, it also allows you to provision users in bulk using that same spreadsheet. For organisations that need to make the same update to a number of users at once, this can be invaluable.

FlashPanel for Google Apps
FlashPanel for Google Apps

Audit and Manage Third Party Applications


Use BetterCloud’s Apps Explorer to audit all third-party applications that users have installed and authenticated access to using their Google Apps credentials. Automate users’ compliance with company policy by creating Apps Explorer policies, and keep your domain secure by automatically revoking access to risky applications.

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About BetterCloud


BetterCloud, a Google Apps Premier Technology Partner, is the leading provider of security and management software for cloud enabled organizations around the world. BetterCloud is installed by over 50,000 companies and 20 million users worldwide.

Talk to us about BetterCloud