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Take a closer look at the Google Maps for Work solutions, including Google Maps Coordinate, Google Maps Engine, Google Maps API and Google Earth.
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Maps API

Google Maps for Work

Overlay your business data onto a Google Map

Give your customers the same familiar experience that millions of active users use every day. Google Maps is the most widely used mapping solution, and you can harness the power of Maps API to create exciting websites and mobile apps for your customers or employees. Take advantage of the whole host of tools including satellite imagery, street view, directions and the ability to customise your map with colours.

Maps Engine

Google Maps Engine

Unlock hidden meaning in your data

Bring instant insights to work and see information in more actionable and insightful ways. Import data from a spreadsheet to create multi-layered maps which allow you to make better decisions. Analyse locations for sales forecasting, event planning and more. Share your map with relevant employees to create rich insights, and use custom logos and colours to organise your data.

Maps Coordinate

Google Maps Coordinate

Real time visibility of your teams or inventory

Improve efficiency of your mobile workforce and track inventory with this workforce management tool. Using geo data from mobile devices you are able to track the location of your team members, and assign projects to employees based on location. The real time visibility lets you and your teams work in a smarter, more efficient way.

Earth Pro

Google Earth Pro

Aid your planning with an interactive 3D globe

Use Google Earth Pro to aid site planning using a 3D data visualisation tool. Use your own data alongside exclusive layers such as demographics and traffic to help you to get a unique perspective on a location based project. Advanced measuring and drawing features allow you to plan and visualise your site without leaving your desk, and then share visual information with key stakeholders. 

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